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Tree Guild Initiative

An ecological collaboration between NativeJax and Eat Your Yard Jax bringing biodiversity throughout Jacksonville one Tree Guild at time.


Schedule a consultation to find the best location for your tree guild. 

Here you will choose the type of tree and species accompaniment. 


After the consultation NativeJax will procure the tree and plants from Eat Your Yard Jax and deliver them to your yard and install your guild!



You made an invaluable contribution to not only your micro-climate but your life. You get to see the growth and changes that nature provides everyday. A tree guild is truly an amazing system.

Enjoy your guild!

What is a Tree Guild?

A tree guild is a permaculture design technique used to create a disease and pest resistant, high-yielding, biodiverse system in a small area.

A guild is a grouping of plants that supports a central element such as a fruit, citrus, or nut tree for maximum harvest and use of space.

Please fill out the info below for a tree guild consultation.