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Yarden Certification Series

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In this 6-class course you will obtain a thorough understanding of how to transform a property into a low maintenance high yielding system at full scale. This course will be held on site and participants will get a hands on transformation experience. Curriculum: - Permaculture 300 - Soil Analysis and Regeneration - Defining and Understanding Zones & Sectors - Water Catchment and Storage - Property Transformation 300 - Community Education Takeaways: - Hands on property transformation experience - In depth permaculture techniques for Northeast Florida - Learn how to analyze soil and develop a regeneration plan - Understanding how to use Zones & Sectors appropriately - Creating a water catchment and storage plan - Comprehensive Yarden transformation Steps - Ability to teach and promote Yarden transformations to the community - A private property consultation - 3 months private mentoring - Certificate of Completion *A minimum of 5 students is required to begin this course*

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