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5 Ways to Incorporate Permaculture in your Daily Life and Save Money!

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

First, I know you are thinking what the heck is permaculture! Lol. Well feel free to google it but I’ll tell you really quick. Permaculture [ permanent | culture] is an ecological design science that uses nature as template to build a resilient and sustainable system. What!? Well basically permaculture helps you design a sustainable and resilient lifestyle. This type of lifestyle can be in the form of a gardener, a farmer, yard transformations, eating habits, eating locations, what you wear, how you live, and much more. By applying sustainable and resilient mindful habits you start to live a more ecofriendly life. How do you do that you ask? Well here are 5 small and slow solutions to get you started.

1. Use a water bottle instead of buying water.

a. Single use water bottles are a huge waste item that end up washing up on beaches, destroying wild life, and overall polluting our earth. Plastic does not break down and the water used to fill the bottles comes from unsustainable sources. Using a refillable water bottle will avoid these massive negative impacts on or earth and provides a sustainable solution that is cheap and easy.

b. I like to use a LifeStraw attachment on my water bottle. LifeStraw filters the water I fill my water bottle with. I carry my water bottle with me everywhere I go around town for a quick sip and I don’t have to worry about contaminated water.

2. Walk more and use Public Transportation.

a. Walking is both good for you and it reduces the need for gas consumption.

b. If you want to grab a bite to eat think what is walkable first before you decide to get in the car and drive across town. You’ll start to see your neighborhood in a whole new light and most likely support a local business.

c. Need to get across town? Try the bus! JTA has an amazing bus schedule that connects North, Southeast, and East areas of Jacksonville with direct connections and frequent service through the First Coast Flyer. Public transport is the best way to save money, gas, and wear and tear to you car.

3. Plant a Tree

a. This is my favorite resilient / sustainable solution!

b. Trees are the lungs of the earth. They breathe in carbon and exhale water. They cool you down on a hot summer day and warm you up on cool winter day. They also provide fruits, berries, nuts, and medicine all year round. Planting trees is always a top priority for me.

4. Limit your Plastic Use and Waste

a. Bring a reusable bag with you when you go shopping. If you forget to bring a reusable bag ask for paper, then compost the paper when you are done or reuse the paper bag.

b. Use glass or reusable containers to fill up on bulk items. When you get home all you have to do is put the container away, no transferring necessary!

c. Be conscience of what you are buying. Maybe take an extra second to look around and see if another product is packaged in cardboard or a more sustainable packaging.

d. Don’t throw away plastic containers. Reuse them for leftovers, art projects, or donate them to a local non-profit. Remember plastic NEVER breaks down so think twice, three, or even four times before you decide to send it to the landfill for methane production.

5. Talk to Your Neighbor

a. How the heck is talking to my neighbor going to create resilience or sustainability? Well your neighbor is a person just like you, they have interests and hobbies, they live in the same area as you, and they are great lookouts. Getting to know your neighbors and their hobbies and interests just may work to your advantage someday because they may be able to help you with a problem you have, a project you're struck on, or they may just inspire you.

b. Getting to know your neighbors is a powerful asset. When we are in times of need having a caring neighbor can get you through tough times. But my neighbor is crazy, never talks to me, smells weird! We all are unique and have a story to be told. Don’t judge a book by its cover and move past your comfort zone, embrace the strange, and connect with your close proximity mates. You never know what they may have to offer you or you may have to offer them.

All-in-all permaculture is much more than just a resilient and sustainable way to garden it is a resilient and sustainable way to live. Changing your life takes time and mindfulness. So even if you resonate with just one of the five points listed above you are doing great! When you feel you are ready to take on another point do it! There is no time better than the present to become the person you desire to be. I hope this list inspires you to become permaculture centric.

-Joshua Rosenberg

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