NativeJax offers specialized ecological services aimed at restoring landscapes holistically. Working with your property to develop resilient, abundant, and economic yields lasting generations. 

We help urban homeowners, small farmers, and large property owners apply ecological systems to obtain perennial income, food, and medicine in abundance and resilience.

We specialize in:

- Water Management
   - French Drains
   - Rain Water Catchment & Storage Systems
   - Water Run Off Management
   - Grey Water Systems
   - Swales & Berms
   - Hydrating & Drying Landscapes 

- Earth Works
   - Swales & Berms
   - Terraces
   - Ponds
   - Retaining Walls

- Perennial Trees and Plants
  - Nut, Fruit, Citrus, Berry and Other Perennial Plants
  - Generational Abundance, Resilience, & Economic Systems

- Animal Integration
   - Integrating appropriate animals into a system is the magic that will provide
     the full use of natures gifts to supply everything a system needs without toxic
     and expensive inputs to produce resilient abundance.

- Consultations, Designs, Installations, Maintenance
  - Urban: Homes, HOA's, Neighborhoods, Commercial, Public Spaces, Cities 
  - Rural: Raw, Agriculture, Homestead, Prepper, Degraded Land

- Education
   - Classes
   - Hands On

For any skill level, property size & type, or budget we will develop a customized plan to fit your needs and wants within the opportunities of the landscape. 

Our current agricultural system is broken leaving it up to us to produce our own food within our communities. I believe we should incorporate perennial agriculture in rural and urban spaces. A perennial decentralized food system will provide nutrient dense localized food, ecological & economic resilience, & abundance for us all. 

If your ready to take part in this perennial transformation for you, your community, and future generations please book an appointment with me to answer any questions and to see how I can help!

Make an Impact!