Gift A Guild

How It Works

Choose a Tree

- Fruit Tree




*& More!

- Citrus Tree




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- Nut Tree




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- Pollinator




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Choose a Theme

- Pollinator Habitat

- Herb Garden

- Medicinal Plants

- Edible Plants

-Mixture of any or all!

Send a Guild!

Have your

one-of-a-kind tree guild delivered directly to the recipient. 

They will receive the guild tree and guild plants along with instructions on how to install, care for, and maintain the guild.

Don't worry guilds are all super low maintenance and easy to install. Any one can do it! 

NativeJax is based out of Northeast Florida. If you are ordering outside of the area please let us know. 

When you place your order please indicate what type of tree you'd like, what theme guild you'd like, when you'd like to have it delivered by, and where it will  be delivered to. 

Since this is a very personalized gift quotes will be given upon order. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

What is a Guild?

A guild is a specific combination of plants that are planted around a tree.


When these plants are around a tree they create a special symbiotic relationship.

The plants all work together as pest  deterrents, soil builders, pollinators, natural fertilizers, and

increase biodiversity.

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