Yarden Certification Series


Yarden Certification Series

Yarden Explorer


In this 2-class course you will learn the basics on how to design your yard into a low maintenance high-producing Yarden. You will gain a deeper understanding of your property and learn step by step  how to start your transformation.  


- Permaculture 100

- Property Transformation 100

Take aways: 

- Understanding how to design your Yarden

-First steps towards transformation

- Confidence in your design and plan of action.

- Certificate of Completion

*A minimum of 5 students is  required to begin this course. 

Yarden Certification Series

Yarden Community Ambassador

A Yarden Community ambassador is a community member who goes above and beyond the status quo. This is a special individual who is dedicated towards improving the environment and the community. This person takes the time to learn and takes action with the knowledge acquired. 

Yarden Community Ambassador Criteria:

- Graduate of Yarden Expert Course

- Has Transformed a Property

- Participated in a Community Outreach Project

- Provides Community Education

- 10 Annual Education Hours


Perks for a YCA include:

- Ambassador Certificate

- Local Business Discounts

- Discounts on all NativeJax courses

- Recognition of their efforts

- 1 Year mentorship with NativeJax

Yarden Certification Series

Yarden Curator


In this 4-class course you will dive deeper into understanding your property and developing a Yarden design curated for your yard. This course includes a field trip to a local Yarden and a consultation of your property. 


Permaculture 200

- Understanding Soil Health

- Defining your Zones & Sectors

- Property Transformation 200

Take aways:

- Custom property design 

- Soil analysis and regeneration plan

- Mapping out your Zones & Sectors 

- A deeper connection with your property

- Confidence in your design

- Implementation strategies

- Yarden field trip

- Private property consultation

- Certificate of Completion

*A minimum of 5 students is 

required to begin this course.

Yarden Certification Series

Yarden Expert


In this 6-class course you will obtain a thorough understanding of how to transform a property into a low maintenance high yielding system at full scale. This course will be held on site and participants will get a hands on transformation experience. 


- Permaculture 300

- Soil Analysis and Regeneration

- Defining and Understanding Zones & Sectors

- Water Catchment and Storage 

- Property Transformation 300

Community Education

Take Aways:

- Hands on property transformation experience 

- In depth permaculture techniques for Northeast Florida

- Learn how to analyze soil and develop a regeneration plan

Understanding how to use Zones & Sectors appropriately

- Creating a water catchment and storage plan

- Comprehensive Yarden transformation Steps

- Ability to teach and promote Yarden transformations to the community

- A private property consultation

- 3 months private mentoring

- Certificate of Completion


*A minimum of 5 students is required to begin this course.