250mL En-Soil Algae

En-Soil Algae 250mL 

Nourish soil in a sustainable way with En-Soil Algae soil amendment and say goodbye to expensive chemical fertilizers that deplete the soil and cause harmful runoff into ponds, lakes, and ground water.

Made from living Chlorella vulgaris, purity of culture is ensured by our proprietary algae nutrients and growing technology. These micro-algae invigorate the bacteria found in the soil’s natural biome, building up the soil’s structure by promoting nitrogen fixation and increasing bio-availability of phosphorus.

Just 1 tsp (5 ml) will cover 1000 sq. ft. (93 sq. meters) once mixed with 1 gallon (4 liters) of water, making En-Soil Algae an exceptionally cost-effective way to promote the health of sod, putting greens, lawns, and gardens.


For garden soil, apply once a week for four weeks and then once every two weeks.

For turf and sod, apply once a week for four weeks and then once every six weeks.

•  Pure, Concentrated Algae from Living Culture

•  Enhances Soil Structure

•  Eliminates Harmful Runoff

•  Cost-effective

An OMRI listed non-toxic bio-stimulant that will improve your soils health perfect for any organic gardener who wants to have an abundant and healthy yield from their garden. This pure and concentrated strain of the Chlorella vulgaris algae will improve your soils health, reduce the need for water, make your plants more dough resistant, and help your plants yield abundant and healthy crops all gardening season. This product can be used in your garden and lawn to reduce weeds, pests, and disease pressure. Look for vibrant green plants and healthy abundant yields within a few months after application. Replace all your fertilizers with this holistic bio-stimulant. Bio-stimulants are recognized by the USDA as an alternative to fertilizers which will improve the health of soil which in turn improves the health of your garden, your yard, and you. Soil health is directly related to human health. With just a teaspoon per 1000 square feet recommended you will be able to apply multiple times from this one bottle, depending on the size if your yard and garden of course. Apply monthly and watch your garden and yard thrive with abundance and health.

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